Mitchell Wreath Ring demonstration video - Linked above is the Part 6 of 6, Video; for more videos - see all six Chapter links listed below with descriptions.

Easy wreath production

Our wreath ring demonstration video provides you with instruction on how to successfully create wreaths using Mitchell Clamp Machines and Mitchell Clamp Rings. The step by step instructions take you through the process of wreath making. We highlight proper preparing and cutting wreath materials, gathering materials together for placement on the wreath ring, placement of the all-important final handful and trimming of the wreath.
Specialty Items are also featured briefly to provide instruction on proper technique to apply to wreath making frames other than traditional round wreath rings. Detailed instructions for creating specialty wreaths can be found on our Helpful Hints for Specialty Items page.

Many wreath producers use our video as a training tool for their seasonal workers. The easy to understand instructions and visual perspective provide a lasting impression for new wreath makers. Christmas wreaths are the main topic of discussion; however the same principles outlined on the video apply to craft and dried flower wreath production.  For specific information regarding floral wreath production please see our Instructions for Making Floral Craft Wreaths page.

A high quality DVD version of the video is available for purchase, it is Part Number "DEMOVID".

Chapter 1 Introduction and Clamp Wreath Machines
Chapter 2 Regular Wreath Production
Chapter 3 Craft/Floral Wreath Production
Chapter 4 Christmas Tree Wreath Production
Chapter 5 Candy Cane Wreath Production
Chapter 6 Products Review and Closing