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Finding the perfect wreath and specialty offering for your unique customer base has never been easier. Mitchell Wreath Ring Starter Packs are designed to allow you to purchase a small quantity of wire wreath forms in order to test your local market. Why purchase full box quantities of rings when experimenting with your local market? Mitchell Wreath Ring Starter Packs offer the best option when you need just a few rings.

Our ten count packs of wreath rings are the perfect solution to finding the right-sized ring for your customary wreath offerings. Ten count packs of wire wreath forms are available in 6” diameter through 16” diameter wreath ring sizes. In addition a mixed multi-size pack is available. The mix-size pack of clamp wreath rings allows you to test your wreath materials and wreath making technique to assure you select the proper sized wreath ring when you purchase production quantities of wreath rings.

Mitchell Specialty Ring packs allow you to try a number of different wreath making frames in a wide variety of shapes and sizes without the need to purchase a large quantity of one style. We offer two wire wreath form packs from which to choose. The Christmas Variety Pack contains two clamp candy cane frames, a clamp star frame and a clamp tree frame. The Variety Pack contains two clamp heart frames, four clamp mini-arches, four clamp horizontal swag frames and two 18” straight center pieces. It has never been easier to offer your customers a wide range of wreath products. Mitchell Starter Packs allow you to fine tune your wreath offerings to match your end market.

When you select Mitchell starter packs, you are using simply the best wreath making frames available. Contact us to learn more! Mitchell Wreath Rings: Ask for them by name.