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There is no more secure manner of creating graveblanket forms than on Mitchell Clamp Graveblankets and pillows. Our tough metal wire frames are combined with our one-of-a-kind clips to create an easy to use frame that secures boughs unlike any other manner of graveblanket production.

Use of Mitchell Clamp Grave Blankets allows you to ship your finished product great distances without worry of the blankets coming apart while in transit. Mitchell clamp rings hold wreath materials more tightly to wreath frames than any other wreath ring available. We use the same steel wire in our Graveblanket forms as is used in our clamp ring and other specialty items. Once you use our clamp frames for your grave blanket production you will not go back to traditional light gauge fence wire construction.

Many of our customers have greatly expanded their yearly production of graveblankets since switching to Mitchell Clamp Grave Blanket forms. No longer are they constrained by delivery area limitations. Finished graveblankets produced on Mitchell frames allow our customers to ship nationwide with confidence their products will arrive at the final destination ready for display.

Our frames can be used to produce a wide range of finished sizes. Overall size is controlled by the length of materials selected. Boughs cut to 18" - 20" lengths will allow our standard Clamp Graveblanket to reach finished dimensions of 36" wide by 72" long. If a small finished size is desired, simply select shorter materials to accommodate the required finish size. Who knew it could be this easy to create such a traditionally time-consuming product.