Christmas Wreath

Mitchell wreath rings make wreath production easy!

Wreath Making Machine

Wreath production made easy

Cutting of wreath material is the most important step to be emphasized in wreath making instructions. Boughs, or other wreath materials, should be cut as uniform in length as possible. Eight to ten inch long bough pieces work well for 12" rings and most specialty shapes. Longer cut bough lengths are used for larger wreaths. Contact us to learn more!

Wreath Making Instructions for a Wreath Machine

  1. Place wreath ring in a wreath making machine such as the Mitchell Clamp Machine so that one clip is centered in the jaws of the wreath machine.
  2. To start building the wreath, gather a handful of boughs. Keep in mind that a handful of many boughs yields a fuller wreath and fewer boughs a thinner, flatter wreath. Individual taste will play a part in determining handful size. Uneven bough lengths or varying-sized handfuls will result in an uneven wreath. Using clamp rings and a wreath making machine help to keep the wreath uniform in shape.
  3. Place a handful of boughs in the first clip making certain to keep your fingers out of the clip, step on the wreath machine foot pedal, pressing until the clip is completely closed.
  4. Repeat for each clip, placing each new handful centered within the jaws of the wreath machine so wreath materials cover the previous clip. When you come to the last clip, gently pull back the first bunch of boughs so you can tuck the final handful in the last clip.
  5. Trim the wreath as desired.
  6. Bow, ribbons, beads or any other decorations can be added at this time.