Holiday Decorative Industry

  • Holiday Decorative Industry
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When major holiday decorators are called upon to create a festive look to a department store, major shopping center or metropolitan downtown area, one of the first calls they make is to Mitchell Metal Products. We provide wreath making supplies and equipment to decorators across the country.

Mitchell Wreath Rings and wreath making machines are behind the scenes allowing professional decorating companies to easily produce the festive holiday greenery they are relied upon to supply. Mitchell-supplied wreath making equipment allows decorators to turn out large wreaths for display on buildings, swags for doors, candy canes for light posts and much more. The reliability of our products means decorators can get the job done quickly and without call backs for greenery failure due to poor clamp ring performance. Our green painted products are perfectly suited to indoor decoration requirements and give decorators extra options to consider when approaching a job.

We are proud to state Mitchell Wreath Rings has been called on to produce many custom wreath frames for large format projects. One of the most recent is a multi-section 20 foot diameter triple rail wreath ring used on a large commercial building on the U.S. East Coast. Feel free to contact us with your special request projects. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how our wreath making supplies can support you with your holiday decorating contracts. Mitchell Wreath Rings are simply the best wreath forms available. Ask for them by name.