Clamp Wreath Making Machines

  • Clamp Wreath Making Machines
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Mitchell Clamp Machines set the mark in the wreath production industry. All of our wreath machine models are produced in our precision metal stamping and metal forming facility. We apply the same precision standards we invoke for production of medical devices, computer sub-assemblies, power transmission products and the like when we build our clamp machines. The results are clamp machines that perform reliably for many seasons.

We offer three different wreath-making machines, each with a specific fit and purpose for clamp wreath production. Each of the machines is designed to allow wreath production in an efficient and worry-free manner. The number of moving parts is limited and little to no user maintenance is required other than periodic cleaning and lubricating of the jaws.

The Mitchell Original MachineTM has been the industry standard in clamp machines since its introduction. This clamp machine closes clips around wreath materials in a traditional fashion leading some wreath makers to hammer down wreath ring clips. For years this style of wreath production was used. Some wreath producers still prefer the clamping action of the Mitchell Original Clamp MachineTM.

The Mitchell No Hammer Clamp MachineTM was introduced in 1995 and quickly became our fast-selling clamp machine. It closes clips in the "No-Hammer" fashion which bends clip ends down flat which eliminates the perceived need to hammer down clips. This clamp machine provides the tightest, most secure manner of clamp wreath production possible. Wreath production has never been simpler and more efficient. The Mitchell No Hammer Clamp MachineTM is manufactured to handle the rigors of the highest wreath production imaginable.

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